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Croix ValmerEvents

rb2022 Provencal market every Sunday
rb05/06 Portuguese Folklore Festival rb30/06 Festival des Anches d'Azurrb01/07 Gala concert Czech Republicrb06/07 Summer evening concert 2L2M

plage croix valmerLa Croix-Valmer beaches

With seven natural sandy beaches spread on 6 km of coastline, la Croix Valmer is reputed for the quality of its bathing waters. Gigaro Beach is one of the beaches with the most successful information

rb09/06. Meeting point: Walk, discovery of the flora and vegetation of Cap Lardier. 3 km walk on the coastal path accompanied by an agent from the Port Cros National Park

Entertainment & leisure
rb26/05 Bla Bla Thérb20/05 Singing and Harp Galarb 26/05 afternoon Tea dance rbJusqu'au 29/05 exhibition Ariel Kobarb12/06 Récréalire contes d'Asie


Ports varoisPorts around La Croix-Valmer

All information on marinas on the coast of Var. Passing | mooring places | shipyard | equipment | rates | fueling station | marine weather | harbourmasters | sailing clubs...

Swimrun Valmer
rb28/05 sports competition in 2 formats - The S with 7 km of running and 2.6 km of swimming (accessible to all) - The M with 13.5 km of running and 4.4 km of swimming. Registration required service.sports@lacroixvalmer.fr

Camp du Domaine

Carte littoral varois Hyères les Palmiers La Londe les Maures Bormes les Mimosas Le Lavandou Le Rayol Canadel Cavalaire sur Mer La Croix Valmer Saint Tropez
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